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The image should automatically be sized to fit this number of links. If you'd like a different number, change the height and width values on the img style code. Fewer links shouldn't display improperly, it'll just have a blank space.
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[personal profile] majorcrotchgrab 2014-05-01 06:56 am (UTC)(link)
Sorry for replying on an RP journal but I tried using this layout and while it displays fine in a journal entry, it gets rid of all the formatting on the profile page.
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Ahh, alright then. But thank you for the info! I didn't even realize it had css in it.
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Hello there! I'm using it over here with slight modifications to its design. Thanks a bunch for making it! It is just lovely in its simpleness.
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Testing this out! Thanks again, this is great!
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Using it with some mods here. Thanks! :D