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Put a description of the CR here.

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07/08/15 | Short description of the thread here.

07/08/15 | Short description of the thread here.

07/08/15 | Short description of the thread here. Or you could do a long description, really, if you have a lot to say.

07/08/15 | Short description of the thread here.

07/08/15 | Short description of the thread here. Or a longer one. You can on for as long as you want, to be honest. Write an essay. Describe every twitch. Go for it.

07/08/15 | Short description of the thread here.

( instructions )

Just a combined CR chart / thread tracker. Separating them never made such sense to me, to be honest!

The journal text color is #E03D38. C&P the entire code for each new entry. The cells should automatically resize themselves to the amount of text in them, so there's no content limitation, though it might look weird if one is a lot longer than the other.

You can set a different table background image, too, for more personalization-- the leftmost journal text div is 80% opaque and some image will show through it, which could be cool. Or just delete the table background line entirely.

If you have a million threads and not much to say, or vice-versa, just enclose the content in that cell in <div style="overflow:auto;height:##px;"></div> and it'll create a scroll bar at that fixed height.

I have not tested this very much so if anything funky comes up, let me know.

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