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All comments are screened. Once you comment, we'll go back and forth determining what you're looking for and how much it will be. Prices will vary greatly depending on how much you want done, so I encourage anyone considering it to request a quote to see if it's reasonable to you.

Payment will be taken once the code is finished, and before I send it.

It's up to you if the code is available publicly or just for you. I'd like to have live examples to link to with prices listed of finished work just for reference, but that's also optional.

Layton tabbed CR chart - 50 points
CR chart + muse list - 50 points
Navigation tables - 30 points
Mock website - 60 points
Playlist and info page - 40 points
Navigation table - 30 points
TCG layout - 50 points
Muse list & bio/info page - 150 points
Quest board, plus graphics edits - 150 points
Tabbed index, plus graphics edits - 150 points
Nav + thread tracker - 50 points
Navigation - 30 points
Game profile code + info pages - 190 points